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No Happy Holidays with Plantar Fasciitis

facebookThe end-of-year holiday season is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Meals with your family. Parties with friends and co-workers. A few well-earned days off from work. Celebrating the reason for the season—whatever you believe that to be. But if you’re...

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8 Things You Might Not Know about Flat Feet

facebook There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions out there about flat feet. Here are some questions we hear all the time: How did I get them? How can I tell if I have them? How bad are they really? Do flat feet always need surgery? Ask a dozen people these sorts...

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Why Your Heel Hurts- And How We Can Help!

facebook Heel pain is surprisingly common, but not enough people take action about it. This leads to many situations where conditions worsen and favorite activities become less enjoyable than they should be. The truly sad part is that a vast majority of this suffering...

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